Orthocladius pe2

Form described by Langton, 1991

Cephalothorax: Thoracic horn 85-135µm long, elongate oval, smooth or nearly so. Four dorsocentral setae, the first, third and fourth thick, the second conspicuously thinner.
Abdomen: Hook row of segment II short, less than 0.34x width of segment II, usually of three or more transverse rows of hooks, or absent (its position occupied by a band of anteriorly directed spinules). Shagreen limited in distribution on tergites. Median point patches absent or just indicated on tergite II; present on III-VII; paired point patches may also be present on VII (in which it is unique). All points in the posterior transverse bands of tergites II and III similar in size (074f.jpg). Posterior transverse band of tergite VIII usually present. Scarcely visible pedes spurii B. Pleurae strongly spinulate (spinules about 10µm long), at least covering pleurae II-VI.
Anal segment: Anal lobes often with additional teeth laterally or apically, fringe absent. One of the apical setae of the anal lobes shorter and thinner than the other two.

Note: Possibly the pupa of Orthocladius gelidus Kieffer.

Form keys out at Page 854: Orthocladiinae 265 Orthocladius of the Text Key.