Buchonomyia thienemanni

Author: Fittkau, 1955

Exuviae 4.5-5.8mm long (m=5.2mm, n=24) (004-1.jpg).
Cephalothorax: Thoracic horn absent.
Abdomen: Abdominal pleura II-VII dorsally with an anterior and posterior pair of strong curved teeth (the anterior of each pair the larger), and ventrally with a similar tooth posteriorly, behind which is a row of about four smaller teeth. On segments III-V the anterior tooth of the posterior dorsal pair is jointed at its base, whereas on VI and VII it is the anterior tooth of the anterior dorsal pair. On segment VII the anterior dorsal pair of teeth is displaced medially, the others are missing.
Anal segment: Anal lobes with short posterolateral spurs bearing 4-6 setae; each lobe with a median group of 7-8 closely set macrosetae (after Coffman, 1986a) (004b.jpg).
(Linked adult male: Langton and Pinder, 2003a)

Species keys out at Page 955: Couplet 5 to Subfamilies /Buchonomyiinae of the Text Key.

(S)W+C Europe.
For more information see module IdentifyIt – file: Other subfamilies).

Ecological notes