Paraphaenocladius exagitans monticola

Author: Strenzke, 1950

Diagnosis (after Saether and Wang, 1995a)
All measurements and ratios within variation of the nominal subspecies with the following exceptions:
Total length of exuviae 2.35-3.04mm (m=2.64mm, n=13).
Cephalothorax: Frontal setae and warts absent. Thoracic horn 105-169µm long (m=146µm, n=13); 2.53-2.77x (m=2.63, n=6) as long as terminal seta on anal lobe. Precorneal setae 53-86µm long (m=66µm, n=10). Distance between dorsocentral setae 1 and 2: 71-103µm (m=83µm, n=10). Wing sheath with 28-55 (m=43, n=9) weak pearls.
Anal segment: Terminal seta of anal lobe 41-62µm long (m=51µm, n=7); 0.6µm wide. Anal lobe with 13-30 (m=19, n=14) apical spines.

Subspecies keys out at Page 804: Orthocladiinae 216 Paraphaenocladius of the Text Key.

Palaearctic subspecies: Europe and Japan.
(For more information see module IdentifyIt – file: Orthocladiinae).