Tanytarsus pe24

new form

Diagnosis (n=1, leg. J.J. Casas.)
Exuviae 3.3mm long, exuviae usually considerably darkened.
Cephalothorax: Cephalic tubercles weak. Thoracic horn 715µm long, without long setulae; ThR 19.9. Thorax anteriorly not strongly granulate. Wing sheaths rounded apically, pearl row absent.
Abdomen: Hooks of hook row II 34. Tergite II without anterior point patches. Tergites III and IV with few, very robust spines in the longitudinal point bands. Longest spine tergite III 50µm, IV 24µm long. Tergites IV and V with the armament arranged in longitudinal bands. Armament of tergite IV 148µm long. Ar R III-VI 0.99 : 1.0 : 0.77 : 0.47. Pedes spurii B II present. Postero-lateral comb of segment VIII 70µm long, 20µm wide; comb a narrow spur beset with sharp imbricating teeth, with the largest tooth at apex (150s.jpg). Lateral teaniae of segments VI-VIII: 3,4,4.
Anal segment: Anal lobes with at least an apical seta; fringe of lobe with 26 taeniae, forming a complete series.

Form keys out at Page 445: Tanytarsini 86 Tanytarsus of the Text Key.

(For more information see module IdentifyIt – file: Chironominae).

Ecological notes
Stream, southern Spain.