Rheotanytarsus pe4

new form

Diagnosis (material leg. H. Laville.)
Exuviae 3.2-3.3mm long (n=3).
Cephalothorax: Frontal apotome smooth. Thoracic horn 240, 312µm long (n=2), with middle third or quarter bearing a fringe of setae as long as the horn is wide (150p.jpg); ThR 6.7, 9.8 (n=2). Pearl row absent.
Abdomen: Tergites II-VI with well-developed anterior paired point patches. On tergites II and III the point patches are strongly transverse, rectangular. Postero-lateral corners of segment VIII usually with a comb or spur(s). Segment VIII with 4 lateral setae of which 3 are narrowly taeniate.
Anal segment: Anal lobes with at least an apical seta; lobes fringed with 10-15 taeniae (n=3).

Form keys out at Page 406: Tanytarsini 49 Rheotanytarsus of the Text Key.

(For more information see module IdentifyIt – file: Chironominae).

Ecological notes