Lipiniella araenicola

Author: Shilova, 1961

Exuviae 11.0-11.8mm long (n=3) (103-2.jpg).
Cephalothorax: Cephalic tubercles long and narrow, 270-300µm long (n=3); frontal setae 113, 120µm long (n=2) (103f.jpg).
Abdomen: Hook row very long, 0.66, 0.69x width tergite (n=2); hooks 168-201 (n=3) (103g.jpg). Armament of tergites II-VI of small equal points, anterior and posterior transverse bands indistinguishable. Comb of segment VIII comprising a few blunt dark teeth on the end of a short postero-lateral spur (103h.jpg). Lateral taeniae of segments V-VIII: 4,4,4,5.
Anal segment: Anal lobes somewhat parallel-sided (103i.jpg). Anal lobe ratio 1.9 (n=1). Fringe of anal lobe with 103-111 taeniae (n=2).
(Linked adult male: Shilova, 1961a)

Species keys out at Page 221: Chironomini 118 Lipiniella of the Text Key.

Palaearctic species: NW+E Europe.
(For more information see module IdentifyIt – file: Chironominae).

Ecological notes
Stagnant water with sandy substratum; fresh or brackish.