Cryptochironomus pe1

Form described by Langton, 1984

Diagnosis (n=1)
Exuviae 8.8mm long.
Cephalothorax: Cephalic tubercles conical, 230µm high; 2.0x higher than broad (113l.jpg). Frontal setae 60µm long. Thoracic horn with the anterior branch not much larger than the others. Posterior thoracic mound with a short anterior projection; anterior mound large, blunt conical.
Abdomen: Hook row II medially interrupted, the gap does not exceed half the length of a single half row, length of row 0.30 (0.15 gap) 0.27x width tergite. Tergites II-VII with a complete posterior transverse row or narrow band of strong points; points III-VII: 57, 53, 49, 48, 47. At least tergites I-V with obvious continuous reticulation, partial on VI; reticulation of fine ridges (113m.jpg). Posterior transverse point rows present on sternites I-VII; points VI-VII: 44, 43. Comb of segment VIII absent.
Anal segment: Fringe of anal lobe with 90/92 taeniae. Forked anal processes present (113e.jpg).

Form keys out at Page 357: Chironomini 254 Cryptochironomus of the Text Key.

(For more information see module IdentifyIt – file: Chironominae).

Ecological notes
R. Chew, Avon, England.