Heterotanytarsus apicalis

Author: (Kieffer, 1921)

Exuviae 2.4-3.5mm long (m=3.2mm, n=19) (039-1.jpg).
Cephalothorax: Frontal setae about 40µm long. Thoracic horn elongate, 255-310µm long (m=292µm, n=10), pointed at tip and coarsely toothed along one side (039b.jpg); ThR 4.8-6.4 (m=5.6, n=10). Third dorsocentral seta closer to the fourth than to the second.
Abdomen: Segment II postero-medially with a hooked pad. Tergites II-VIII evenly and densely shagreened, on III-VIII with a row or band of strong points along the posterior margin (039c.jpg). Tergites without a median transverse row of strong points. At most 3 lateral setae on segments II-VI, the anterior and posterior being reduced to minute thorns or absent (039c.jpg); lateral taeniae of segment VII (3)4, VIII 4.
Anal segment: Anal lobe ratio 2.0-2.4 (m=2.1, n=12). Fringe of anal lobe with 14-20 taeniae (m=16.7, n=19).

Species keys out at Page 621: Orthocladiinae 33 Heterotanytarsus of the Text Key.

Widespread in Europe.
(For more information see module IdentifyIt – file: Orthocladiinae).

Ecological notes
Northern and montane lakes.