Cricotopus pe8

Form described by Langton, 1991

Exuviae 2.7-3.1mm long (n=3).
Cephalothorax: Cephalic tubercles and frontal setae absent. Thoracic horn 60-130µm long; ThR 4.6-8.7 (n=3) (090g.jpg). Thorax smooth.
Abdomen: Length hook row II 0.35 of width tergite II (n=1); hooks 36-43 (n=3). Armament of tergite II extensive, resembling that on III (090h.jpg). Apical transverse bands of tergites III-V composed of points. Posterior transverse point band of tergite VI complete. Armament of tergites III-V extending into the antero-lateral corners past the anterior adhesion marks; median and posterior transverse bands usually joined. Point patches absent on tergites VII and VIII. Five lateral setae on segment VIII.
Anal segment: Anal lobe ratio 1.8 (n=1). Anal lobes without fringe. Anal macrosetae more or less equally strong, 0.53, 0.67x length of the anal lobe (n=2).

Form keys out at Page 936: Orthocladiinae 347 Cricotopus of the Text Key.

Iberian Peninsula.
(For more information see module IdentifyIt – file: Orthocladiinae).

Ecological notes