Camptocladius stercorarius

Author: (De Geer, 1776)

Exuviae 2.6mm long (n=2) (067-1.jpg).
Cephalothorax: Thoracic horn absent. Wing sheaths without pearl row and nose.
Abdomen: Tergites II-VIII with an anterior and a posterior transverse band of strong points, these tergites otherwise unarmed (067b.jpg).
Anal segment: Tergite IX with a single transverse band of strong points. Anal lobes and fringe absent; anal macrosetae small and fine, 15-33µm long (067b.jpg).
(Linked adult male: Langton and Pinder, 2003a)

Species keys out at Page 811: Orthocladiinae 223 Camptocladius of the Text Key.

Holarctic species: Widespread in Europe, eastern Mediterranean.
(For more information see module IdentifyIt – file: Orthocladiinae).

Ecological notes
In dung, particularly horse dung.