Labrundinia longipalpis

Author: (Goetghebuer, 1921)

Diagnosis (n=1)
Exuviae 3.2mm long.
Cephalothorax: Thoracic horn 295µm long; ThR 2.2. Thoracic horn broad, widened to apex, where it is broadly truncate; plastron plate minute, 8µm wide, set on a transparent offset tubercle, joined to the respiratory atrium by a narrow sinuous neck (022d.jpg). Thorax comb absent.
Abdomen: Mark on segment I absent. Points of tergites isolated. Anterior lateral taenia of segment VII at 0.4 of length segment VII. Anterior lateral taenia of segment VIII at 0.2 of length segment VIII. (022e.jpg)
Anal segment: Anal lobes over four times as long as broad, toothed externally beyond the posterior lateral taenia (022e.jpg). Anal lobe ratio 1.8. Insertion of anterior anal taenia at 0.34 of lobe length.
(Linked adult male: Langton and Pinder, 2003a)

Species keys out at Page 76: Tanypodinae 62 Labrundinia of the Text Key.

Widespread in Europe (not Mediterranean).
(For more information see module IdentifyIt – file: Other subfamilies).

Ecological notes