Lasiodiamesa spec-Nuolja

Lasiodiamesa sp. 'Nuolja'
Form described by Brundin, 1966

Diagnosis (n=1, material in coll. Brundin SMNH)
Exuviae 4.2mm long.
Cephalothorax: Thoracic horn 275µm long; 1.7x as wide near apex as at base; ThR 3.7. Plastron plate length 0.34 of horn length.
Abdomen: Four long lateral setae to segment VIII.
Anal segment: Length anal processes 2.16x length anal segment; anterior seta of processes 50µm long, at 0.37 of length process; (posterior seta no longer visible, but according to Brundin's figure (Brundin, 1966a; Fig. 461) a little longer than the anterior seta). Anterior seta of anal lobe processes short and thin, much smaller than the lateral setae of segments VIII and IX. (003l.jpg)

Form keys out at Page 10: Podonominae 4 Lasiodiamesa of the Text Key.

Distribution and ecological notes
One specimen from a shallow alpine lake on Nuolja, 1,000m asl., near Abisko, Torneträsk area, Swedish Lappland.