Thienemannimyia pe

Thienemannimyia sp.? Pe Langton, 1991

Diagnosis (n=2).
Exuviae 5.9, 7.6mm long.
Cephalothorax: Length of thoracic horn 325, 370┬Ám; ThR 6.7, 9.3. Thoracic horn usually broader, with apex produced laterally into a point, but may sometimes (?) be narrow, cylindrical, and gently curved to the pointed apex (013e.jpg).
Abdomen: Tergite I granulate/tuberculate, resembling thoracic armament (012h.jpg). 5 lateral taeniae on segment I (013f.jpg). The fourth lateral taenia of segments II-VI smaller and narrower than the rest (013g.jpg). First lateral taenia of segment VII at 0.28, 0.29 of length of segment. First lateral taenia of segment VIII at 0.33, 0.36 of length of segment.
Anal segment: Insertion of anterior anal taenia at 0.26, 0.3 of lobe length. Anal lobe ratio 1.8, 2.1.

Form keys out at Page 43: Tanypodinae 29 Thienemannimyia of the Text Key.

Distribution and Ecological notes
River Skirfare and River Chew, England.