Rheopelopia ornata

Author: (Meigen, 1838)

Diagnosis (n=4)
Exuviae 5.0-5.9mm long.
Cephalothorax: Thoracic horn 310, 345µm long; ThR 6.9-7.0; atrium ?absent. (014d.jpg)
Abdomen: Armament of tergites with spinules restricted to a more or less circular band on each side, broken mid-laterally; otherwise of dense short points. No lateral taeniae on segment VII. Five lateral taeniae on segment VIII.
Anal segment: Anal lobe ratio 1.8-2.0.
(Linked adult male: Langton and Pinder, 2003a)

Species keys out at Page 57: Tanypodinae 43 Rheopelopia of the Text Key.

Widespread in Europe.
(For more information see module IdentifyIt – file: Other subfamilies).

Ecological notes